Help Us Plant Twenty MILLION Trees !

At Valkyrie we’re always trying to find ways to be more environmentally friendly which is why, for example, we made our bottles 100% food grade water bottles so that they could be re-used.

We have decided that we can really help the environment in a far better way and so we are going to help the National Trust reach its goal of planting 20 Million trees by 2030!

Where do we play airsoft but in the woodland & that needs trees!  If we play cqb more often than not the walls are wooden panels which also need trees and so we feel this is the very best and meaningful way that we can both help our sport and the environment at the same time!

So…for every 20 packs or bottles of BB’s purchased from our shop we will be planting a beautiful, brand new, baby tree!

Anyone who buys a whole box from us will have a tree planted in their name and be presented with a personal certificate from the National Trust confirming it.

Any sites who decide to stock our BBs will also have a tree planted just for them with a certificate to prove it.

Please support us and let’s get those trees in the ground and lets truly improve & support our environment!