Super Smooth Inside


The BIG difference between a Valkyrie Precision Elite BB and other premium brands is how smooth they are  inside.


The key to hit consistency lies in the lack of air bubbles, the lack of clumped ingredients and the super smoothness of the Valkyrie mix


When a BB leaves your barrel it is spinning and any weight bias caused by air bubbles or clumps will make it spin off in the direction of the weight bias, think of golf fade and slice or biased bowls etc


A Valkyrie BB has little to no weight bias by design, unlike many other BBs as shown below, and so over distance will hit the intended target more consistently making them the best BBs in our opinion but try them yourself for FREE 🙂



20s 25s 28s & 32s

Note the lack of air bubbles, the lack of material clumping and the super smooth consistency




Note the air bubbles, the texture and the material clumping which cause bias spin in flight

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